I would consider it an honor and privilege to have Jay by my side when the time comes to reflect on the celebrations and regrets of my life. I have confidence that he would help me articulate my thoughts and feelings and put them in a form that could be cherished by those I care most about.

Jay has such a warm and engaging presence, and I was impressed with how gracefully he invited people to share their feelings and experiences. I hadn't thought about writing a legacy letter before but now I will!

Jay is a mensch, a man of integrity, dignity and compassion. His breadth of experience and the nature of his soul provide a wonderful foundation for guiding others in the self-reflective work necessary to leave a powerful legacy. 

Without Jay’s encouragement, sensitivity, and expertise I would never have written this legacy letter. I knew my intention, but Jay helped give it shape and fluidity. It now has the warmth I had hoped for. Thank you, Jay!

Jay has the wonderful combination of a sharp mind and a big heart. He is able to quickly identify underlying themes and issues and to explore those issues in a caring and respectful way. He is also a talented writer who is skilled at translating emotional expression into written words.

A spectacular course with an even more spectacular teacher. Jay's style, his patience, his respect for the class members, and the way he embraced where everyone was...it was a beautiful thing to watch and be a part of.

Jay showed me how to put my lessons and blessings on paper and share them with my adult children. And my children responded in a way that deeply enriched my relationship with them. I will never forget this experience and I cannot thank Jay enough.

Jay’s gentle sincerity, genuine warmth, and supportive spirit are so needed in this worn and weary world of ours. Thank you, Jay, for sharing your special gifts so generously with us so we might learn to better share ours with others.

Jay's kind and supportive teaching style encouraged students to share their innermost stories. He blended his experience with openness to each of our contributions and allowed for all of us to learn from each other.

I can't thank Jay enough for this transformational course. I had been thinking about this for a long time, and Jay offered expert guidance to prevent my letter from becoming a lengthy tract or a sermon. Most importantly, he inspired me to actually get it written!

The best course I’ve ever taken through OLLI….The best writing course I’ve ever taken….The best program our church has offered in years….I'm so grateful that our public library offered this course....I cannot remember a more meaningful or enriching learning experience.